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The Ultimate
VIP Guide to Ibiza
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The Ultimate VIP Guide to Ibiza

Why Ibiza?

It’s the same at the beginning of each and every year – the air full of anticipation, whispers and rumors circling the world wide web and WhatsApp groups specifically created, just so people can start talking about ‘the holiday of the year’. Whilst social media starts filling up with Ibiza countdowns, evidence of holiday shopping & fresh wardrobe purchases – the island gears itself up for the excitable tourists that will hit its shores throughout summer.

Ibiza has a long and cultural history, with an abundance of hippy vibes, which are extremely prominent even today. The Hippie Movement started in the early 60’s and has grown and evolved into what you see now on the island. The start of this movement alongside tourism development in the 60s made Ibiza the ‘place to be’ for artists, creatives and writers – and it is very much the same to this day. Many DJ’s spend their summers on the island, filling super clubs every day of the week, whilst writers, walkers, cyclists and locals use Ibiza as an out-of-season heavenly retreat.

Much of what brings people to Ibiza is centered around dance music, and throughout the years the island has seen a variety of trends come and go and different parties try (and sometimes fail) to make it in front of the most testing crowds in the world. But one thing always stands strong – simply, the ‘Balearic Beat’. The distinctive sound of this magical island, heard at beach clubs and chiringuitos, sunrises and sunsets, all around Ibiza.

Millions of tourists visit The White Isle each year for a multitude of reasons; the nightlife, the scenery, the beach clubs, boats and food (just to name a few), and our Ultimate VIP Guide to Ibiza is going to delve into the best of what’s on offer for those who love the finer things in life. 


When Should You Visit?


There are huge advantages of visiting Ibiza at almost any time of the year, from the changes in weather to the changes in super club line-ups…

Where to Stay in 2020?


The winding pathways of Eivissa are soaked in history & culture, so why not fully immerse yourself by staying in this ancient Mediterranean city…

Hotels or Villas for Ibiza 2020?


There are a huge variety of options for accommodation in Ibiza, but how are you supposed to choose whether to stay in a hotel or rent a private villa…

Ibiza Beaches


It seems unfathomable to think that there are a grand total of 80 beaches on the island of Ibiza. Best known for hippie hedonism and barefoot bohemia

Ibiza Restaurants


With globally popular parties, breathtaking beaches and those infamous Ibiza sunsets taking the limelight throughout the summer…

Ibiza Clubs

david-svihovec-ZN002GIv3FQ-unsplash (1)

Ibiza has been an iconic destination for the dance music scene for decades and has never even thought about slowing down…

Ibiza Beach Bars


With a grand terrace, whitewashed walls and incredible views, Cotton Beach Club is perfectly suited for a lazy day in the sun…

Ibiza Afterparties

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-22 at 14.16.37

Ibiza is famous for its parties, yes, but its sometimes it’s the afterparties that end up being the most talked about events of the summer…

Ibiza Boat Charters

Boat charter

Hiring a private boat with your friends is synonymous with a trip to Ibiza. Not only does it give your holiday an added touch of luxury…

Ibiza Sunset Watching

Mambo sunset

We don’t know exactly what it is, but it is a well-known fact that sunsets in Ibiza are some of the best in the world…

Ibiza Sunrise Watching

Dalt villa sunrise

Though sunsets are often talked about as being an integral part of an Ibiza trip, it’s sometimes the sunrises that are the most special…

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