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Ibiza Afterparties

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Ibiza is famous for its parties, yes, but it’s sometimes it’s the afterparties that end up being the most talked about events of the summer. Being a VIP in Ibiza has its perks, one of those being the high likelihood of being invited to an afterparty in the hills. Afterall – after-parties are what makes Ibiza, well, Ibiza!

There are many different types of Ibiza afterparty, from the private villa sesh to a full-scale event production. Villa parties are the most popular, with many of the top DJ’s using their own villas to keep the tunes playing long after the sun comes up. In typical Ibiza style, you might receive a Whatsapp pin just hours before, and your taxi driver will generally not know the way, but you and your friends have the time of your life rubbing shoulders with the in-crowd of Ibiza and the rich and famous. 

The Kave is almost a myth in Ibizan folklore, but we can guarantee to you that it is absolutely real. Follow the Alice in Wonderland style smoking caterpillar and you’ll literally find a rave in a (k)cave. Described by Steve Lawler as having ‘a kind of like a modern, new era hippie sort of vibe’, The Kave is intimate, filled with the who’s who of underground music. This one is invite only, so don’t just go rocking up and knocking on the door 😉

Other more official afterparties have taken place over the years at actual venues across the island, including Cocoon at Benimussa Park (where the weekly Zoo Project party takes place) and Destino and Blue Marlin for Music On and Paradise afters. These types of afterparties often take place hours after the headline event has finished, giving attendees plenty of time to freshen up, eat, nap, or simply carry on through to the evening’s antics. Often these parties are free entry and widely shared on social media, but Ibiza afterparties are very much a ‘it’s who you know’ kind of vibe.

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